What can I do about Air Quality?

Is Pet Odor, Mold, or Carbon Monoxide threatening your Air Quality?

Anyone with allergies or asthma will tell you breathing is already a challenge here in San Antonio, without the addition of indoor air quality issues. There are several common problem areas we’ll review with you.

  • If you are noticing dirt around air registers, you likely have attic duct leaks. Remember, you are breathing that dirt as well.
  • Smell mold? High humidity (57% or higher) in dark areas is conducive to mold growth. Let’s check your system for proper airflow and operation within manufacturer’s parameters.
  • Unpleasant odors? Pet odors and other odors are caused by chemical reactions. They can be mitigated with better filtration, and sometimes UV light in the ductwork.


This is a New Problem

Old and new systems can develop new problems. Call (210) 599-7827 to find out for certain.

With San Antonio’s brutal heat, ductwork bakes in the attics. Even ductwork that performs great for years can fail when you need it most. While no one really wants to go looking for trouble in the attic, proper inspection and maintenance can help you avoid more costly repairs and help keep your air quality safe and pleasant for years to come.

We know you have a choice and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Call (210) 599-7827 to discuss your air quality concerns.