Why is Air Balancing Important?

Do you have rooms that are hotter or colder than they should be? How about dirt around your registers or shuttering noises from your filter when your unit kicks on? Whether due to a design deficiency or damaged or aging ductwork, these are all symptoms that could lead to bigger problems with your system. Thankfully, the solution is simple. Call today for your ductwork inspection.


My Ductwork Has Always Been Fine

Maybe they still are! Call (210) 599-7827 to find out for certain.

With San Antonio’s brutal heat, ductwork bakes in the attics. Even ductwork that performs great for years can fail when you need it most. If you are seeing dirt around the air registers, you probably have leaks in your ductwork… and that dirt is also making it into the air you are breathing.

Is it too hot upstairs? In most instances, this can be addressed with proper ductwork. Too warm downstairs? You may be air conditioning your attic by accident! While no one really wants to go looking for trouble in the attic, proper inspection and maintenance can help you avoid more costly repairs and help keep your air conditioning and heating system balanced and running smoothly and cost-effectively for years to come.

We know you have a choice and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Call (210) 599-7827 to schedule an inspection.